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"As an environmental manager for the Port of Portland and a certified fisheries scientist I have been impressed with Cramer Fish Sciences' professionalism, ability to communicate and meet deadlines/contract obligations. I have found the company and its scientists to be responsive, professional, and able to communicate complex technical information in a language non-technical people could understand and assimilate."
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CFS Founder Steve Cramer

Cramer Fish Sciences Founder Completes Plan to Transition Company to Employees

Phil Roni joins as newest executive and principal scientist

Gresham, Oregon, August 31, 2015

Cramer Fish Sciences (CFS) has transitioned to a new executive leadership and ownership structure to ensure a sustainable and successful future for both employees and clients. Three key changes will reinforce the culture of scientific excellence and collaboration initiated under the direction of founding scientist and board member Steve Cramer: achieving the rollout of 100% employee ownership, the selection of a new executive team, and adding external directors. Company ownership will transfer to CFS employees after the September 2015 completion of the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) purchase from Cramer. After the sale, Cramer will remain active at CFS as a board member and Senior Consultant.

"It is exciting to see the leadership team and ESOP come into place," said Cramer. "We have planned and worked for many years to position the company for the future, and now as a 100% employee-owned entity, with great people, and outstanding science and business leaders, I am more confident than ever about our future."

Ken Schrader

Cramer continued, "A key to building a sustainable future was to find a strong business leader to complement our outstanding principal scientists. I'm thrilled that Ken Schrader agreed to assume the chief executive role and lead the transition of our company to being employee-owned." The CFS Board of Directors recently named Schrader, who joined the company in late 2013 as COO, as the new CEO. Schrader brings over 30 years of business leadership experience in Corporate 50 firms including Hewlett Packard, as well as emerging businesses.

"It's an honor to work with our principal scientists and all CFS employee-owners to build on Steve's impressive legacy of delivering quality science results that solve complex fisheries and natural resource problems," said Schrader. "Our intent going forward will be to continue leading through our scientific expertise while providing a great place for our people to flourish."

Another key addition to the CFS executive team is Dr. Phil Roni who joins the company as a Vice President and Principal Scientist. Dr. Roni, formerly a Watershed Program Manager / Research Scientist with NOAA Fisheries will be based in Seattle, Washington where he will manage the CFS Washington and Oregon science teams. Schrader stated, "Phil is an excellent scientist and recognized industry leader. We are excited that we have added a like-minded individual of Phil's caliber to lead our Northwest team." Asked about his thoughts regarding this new professional chapter, Roni replied: "I was excited about the opportunity to join CFS for three reasons: we consistently publish high quality science in the peer-reviewed literature, we have outstanding scientists focusing on applied science and research, and our business model provides the best for both our clients and employees."

Dr. Phil Roni

Brad Cavallo

Dr. Joe Merz

Brad Cavallo remains CFS President and a Principal Scientist, retaining the active roles he has played for the last five years. He continues to be hands-on, shaping the firm's direction and working with clients on key projects related to salmon and smelt issues in California's Delta and Central Valley. Cavallo commented, "This is an exciting time for us. I've never been more proud of our team or more optimistic for how we can positively impact effective resource management with the insightful science we provide."

Dr. Joe Merz, Principal Scientist, has been promoted to company Vice President. A recipient of the Cal-Neva chapter of the American Fisheries Society 2014 Award of Excellence, Merz leads a team of fishery and restoration scientists based throughout Northern California. "An organization can see its employees as capital to be leveraged or individuals to be developed and fulfilled," says Merz, "The transition to a 100% employee-owned company puts our people first in the service of clients and sets the standard for our new management team. Our job is to unleash their talents to let them focus on the primary goal of Cramer Fish Sciences — great science."

Schrader, Cavallo, Merz, Roni and Dr. Paul Anders, Principal Scientist based in Moscow, Idaho, comprise the company's management council. A new board of directors' structure adds two external directors to this governance level. Ellen Cross, environmental business consultant and President of Strategy Driver, Inc., joins board directors Schrader, Cavallo, and Cramer as inaugural external director. Cross brings a deep knowledge of industry segment marketing and business development as well as experience with ESOPs and ownership transitions.

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Cramer Fish Sciences (CFS) is an employee-owned fisheries research consulting firm that serves the Pacific Northwest and California. Our mission is to rigorously apply the scientific method to afford our clients innovative, scientifically robust solutions to address a variety of fisheries and environmental challenges. The CFS team achieves this through effective and unbiased data collection, insightful analysis and interpretation, application of innovative genetics technology through our Genidaqs lab, and clear communications. CFS is approaching its 30 year anniversary.

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