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"In collaboration with Dr. Paul Anders at Cramer Fish Sciences, we were able to develop a truly innovative approach to subbasin planning in the Kootenai. Aspects of our plan became a model for other subbasin plans across the Columbia River Basin. Paul's contribution, along with his professionalism and hard work, was a big reason for that."
David Rockwell
Natural Resource Consultant
Oregon, California, Idaho, Washington, Alaska


ESA PWAESA PWA provides high quality environmental hydrology and coastal and estuarine restoration. As part of ESA, we're backed by a staff of more than 300 engineers, scientists, and planners specializing in resource and land use planning, environmental technical studies and investigations, environmental impact assessment and documentation, and environmental compliance in a variety of market types including water, airports, biological resources, land management, cultural resources, community development, energy, and renewable resources.

Waterborne Environmental, Inc. Add the power of innovation to decades of experience and you create a successful formula for finding solutions. Since 1993, Waterborne Environmental, Inc. has been solving water quality and environmental problems for chemical companies and governmental agencies. We offer customized consulting services in environmental modeling, risk assessment, field studies, geospatial information management, training, and litigation and regulatory support.

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