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"Cramer Fish Sciences has played an important role in helping PGE define and resolve several difficult fisheries issues in our relicensing processes for both the Deschutes and Clackamas River projects. In the Deschutes Basin, they provided a credible basis for predicting how many steelhead could be supported upstream of the project. In the Clackamas River, CFS provided a credible basis for estimating impacts and mitigation credits for salmon and steelhead related to small changes in stream temperature."
John Esler
Portland General Electric (PGE)



Cramer Fish Sciences sends out occasional email newsletters containing updates about current events as well as additions to our reports library. You can download PDF versions of previous newsletters via the links below:



2013, Issue 2

  • Do Adult Salmon Benefit From Gravel Augmentation?
  • R Training Course
  • What is the Relationship between Stream Flow and Juvenile Salmon Survival?
2013 Issue 2

2013, Issue 1

  • Do Resident Rainbow Trout Produce Steelhead?
  • Which Delta Conditions Strongly Influence Ocean Recovery Rates of Chinook Salmon?
2013 Issue 1

2012, Issue 4

  • Shade Simulation Models: How Accurate Are They?
  • CFS Adds Forest Planning Capabilities
  • What Percentage of Salvaged Winter-Run Chinook Are Really Winter-Run?
2012 Issue 4

2012, Issue 3

  • Can Mark-Selective Fisheries Benefit California Wild Salmon?
  • Lamprey Migration Behavior and Distribution
  • Cramer Fish Sciences at the 7th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference
2012 Issue 3

2012, Issue 2

  • How Do Water Exports Influence Flows in the Delta?
  • Predicting Gains from Passage Improvements
  • Can Floodplain Restoration Recover Habitat for Salmonids?
2012 Issue 2

2012, Issue 1

  • Can eDNA Be Used to Monitor Invasive Species?
  • Off-Channel Habitat Restoration in the Willamette Basin
  • January 2012 Workshop Addresses Columbia Basin Sturgeon Passage
2012 Issue 1

2011, Issue 3

  • Can Genetics-Based Methods Improve VSP Monitoring?
  • Modeling Salmon Exposure to Pesticides
  • Are Rainbow Trout Offspring Significant Contributors to Steelhead Populations?
2011 Issue 3

2011, Issue 2

  • Merced River Ranch: Evaluating Year 1 of a 5-Year Floodplain Restoration Project
  • How Do Predator Densities, Flow, and Turbidity Influence Predation?
  • Diatom Biocriteria for Montana Streams
  • Interpretation of Periphyton Samples from Montana Streams
2011 Issue 2

2011, Issue 1

  • The Delta Passage Model: Estimating Smolt Survival Through Multiple Migration Pathways
  • Using DNA to Detect the Presence of Aquatic Species
  • Presentation: Can Data Collected from Marine Protected Areas Improve Estimates of Life-History Parameters? by Tommy Garrison
  • Presentation: Migration Behavior and Distribution of Pacific Lamprey in the Willamette Basin by Shadia Duery
2011 Issue 2

2010, Issue 4

  • Fish Salvage - An Indicator of Abundance or Mortality?
  • Modeling Flow and Temperature Effects on Steelhead Production
  • Presentations at CALFED Bay-Delta Science Conference Sept. 2010
2011 Issue 2

2010, Issue 2

  • CFS contributes to successful international, tribal project that releases burbot for the first time in British Columbia and Idaho
  • Cavallo New President at CFS
  • PDF Report: Population dynamics and extinction risk of burbot in the Kootenai River, Idaho, USA and British Columbia, Canada
  • PDF Report: Kootenai River / Kootenay Lake Burbot Conservation Strategy
  • PDF Report: Status and Dynamics of a Burbot Population on the Edge
2011 Issue 2

2009, Issue 5

  • A Study of Balance: The Abundance and Size of Hatchery Fish Affects Mortality
  • Rebuilding Kokanee populations in the Idaho Panhandle
  • PDF Report: Use of life history information in a population model for Sacramento green sturgeon
  • PDF Report: Survival and Growth of Hatchery-Reared Juvenile White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) in the Kootenai River
  • PDF Report: Population Dynamics, Habitat Capacity, and a Life History Simulation Model for Steelhead in the Deschutes River, Oregon
2011 Issue 2

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