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Scott Blankenship, Ph.D., Applied Geneticist Dr. Blankenship is a leading expert on population genetics of West Coast fishes. His interests focus on combining the newest tools of molecular biology and genetics theory with field observations of fish populations and their habitat to create solutions for some of the most challenging issues in fishery management, hatchery operations, and population recovery.

Responsibilities: Scott keeps the Cramer Fish Sciences team and clients up to speed on the tremendous informational opportunities afforded by genetic methods and implements projects using these innovative, yet practical techniques. For example, genetic methods can routinely provide abundance metrics useful for Viable Salmon Population assessment, model validation, estimating reproductive success by habitat type, or determining composition and gene flow among hatchery and wild fish. Adding to his professional responsibilities, Scott is also the Science Director for Cramer Fish Science's GENIDAQS Division. In addition to technical expertise, Dr. Blankenship is also known for his can-do attitude, enthusiasm, and leadership within multi-interest group collaborations.

"Applying the insights obtained from genetic research to the enhancement of imperiled species is an effective way to provide science relevant to society and to communicate the importance of supporting scientific inquiry."

Background: Dr. Blankenship received his Ph.D. in genetics from the University of California, Davis studying the relationship between genetic diversity and population boundaries. He then went on to a postdoc at UC Santa Cruz / NOAA studying population genetics of California Chinook salmon and related data system infrastructure. Scott became a geneticist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's Molecular Genetics Laboratory, becoming Director of the WDFW genetics program prior to joining the Cramer Fish Sciences team. Scott is also currently an Associate at UC Davis College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Personal: When Scott is not at work, you can find him racing bikes, online gaming, reading graphic novels, flailing at the guitar, or talking with his son about the benefits of having your own lights if you are an angler fish. "Go outside, enjoy the majesty of nature while you are passing through, and leave things in better shape than you found them."

You can read Scott's professional blog here.

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