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"I am proud of our association and the job you are doing for the resource. [Your session at the AFS conference was] top notch... all around."
Jim Martin
Chief of Fisheries [Retired]
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife


Jessica Van Leuven, B.S.


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Jessica Van Leuven, B.S., Bio-Technician Projects: Jessica's work at Cramer Fish Sciences (CFS) includes stream habitat mapping, hook and line sampling to collect genetic and pathology samples, salmonid redd surveys, rotary screw trapping and photonic marking of fish, collection and identification of benthic macro-invertebrates and fish through snorkel, drift, and Hess sampling, Chinook otolith and tissue collection to assess the benefits of restoration work, stomach content analysis using genetic and visual identification techniques, and field experiments to test the benefit of floodplain rearing for juvenile Chinook salmon. She has also worked in collaboration with CFS and USFWS through Kodiak trawling and seining for the Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring program.

Background: Prior to joining CFS, she worked as a fisheries technician living in remote Alaska where she conducted Chinook salmon escapement estimates on the Copper River using scientific fish wheels, and as a field technician working with endangered Southern steelhead on the Santa Ynez River in Southern California. While earning her B.S. from University of California, Santa Barbara, Jessica literally dove into multiple research opportunities including studying kelp forest ecology, underwater biodiversity surveys on Southern California oilrigs, and distribution surveys on marine gastropods in the Channel Islands after El Nino through SCUBA diving. She also worked aboard a research vessel in the Sargasso Sea studying gyres and surveyed Hawksbill turtle nesting sites in Maui.

Personal: Jessica's appreciation for wilderness conservation and affinity for adventure is shown through her involvement with the Surfrider Foundation and the Sierra Club, being an active hiker, surfer, free diver, competitive outrigger canoe paddler, dog mom, and recreational mermaid. Her personality and abilities reflects her diverse background being raised on a farm in Northern California, migrating to the Sierras where her family raised and rode endurance horses, travelled to the Northern California coast and Mexico to fish, then central coast where she found her love for surfing and diving, then to the Hawaiian islands for 9 years where she refined herself as a waterwoman and found a deep appreciation for native cultures.

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