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"[Regarding weekly weir reports] These reports are very impressive! Keep up the good work. I see applications elsewhere."
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Responsibilities: Kirsten Sellheim, M.S., Fisheries Biologist Kirsten coordinates field research for the West Sacramento office. She works collaboratively with the rest of the CFS team to collect, analyze and report fisheries data.

Background: Kirsten holds a Master's degree in Population Biology from the University of California, Davis and a Bachelor's degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona. Kirsten has worked in a variety of systems, including the pelagic zone of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, sand flats in the Sea of Cortez, the rocky intertidal zone and floating docks on the northern California coast, vernal pools in the Central Valley, and at a salmon hatchery in southeastern Alaska. She has an equally diverse array of research interests, including the effects of nonnative species on ecological communities, how species and life history diversity affect ecosystem function, trophic interactions in marine and freshwater systems, environmental factors driving species distributions, and invertebrate taxonomy.

Personal: Kirsten's favorite activities include hiking, fishing, growing vegetables and animals, sewing, and building things. "My greatest pleasure in life is to explore the world with my two daughters. I get to re-live the excitement of discovering nature for the first time - poking at a sea anemone, finding eggs in a bird's nest, catching a fish - it's pretty awesome."

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