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"As an environmental manager for the Port of Portland and a certified fisheries scientist I have been impressed with Cramer Fish Sciences' professionalism, ability to communicate and meet deadlines/contract obligations. I have found the company and its scientists to be responsive, professional, and able to communicate complex technical information in a language non-technical people could understand and assimilate."
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Mark Teply, M.S., Quantitative Ecologist Mark is Senior Ecosystems Analyst specializing in evaluating the effects of natural resource management on aquatic habitat and fish populations. He excels in putting his 25+ years of experience to work building science-based solutions that bridge the gap among competing interests and promote sustainable resource management.

Responsibilities: At Cramer Fish Sciences, Mark's focus is on analysis and modeling of ecosystems to help stakeholders understand the influence that management activities can have on terrestrial and aquatic habitat and ultimately their influence on salmon and trout. Mark's project work addresses a variety of land use practices including forest management, agriculture, hydroelectric projects, mining operations, energy development, and linear facilities management.

Projects/Services: Mark offers specialized expertise in riparian and aquatic surveys, growth and development of riparian stands, large woody debris (LWD) and stream shade dynamics, hydrologic change, sediment budgets, stream carrying capacity, life history modeling, and habitat restoration. Mark also has extensive experience in traditional forest inventory, growth and yield modeling, and harvest scheduling.

Some of the projects Mark is contributing to at Cramer Fish Sciences include:

  • Watershed and riparian assessments for right-of-way clearing on the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project
  • Developing LWD recruitment and shade models to inform forest practices regulations in Idaho
  • Spatially and temporally explicit modeling of the exposure of juvenile salmon to pesticides
  • Discriminant modeling of diatom biocriteria for assessing impairment in Montana streams
  • Integrating carrying capacity and life-history models for habitat restoration planning in northern Oregon
  • Evaluation and design of forest inventory and planning systems for the Idaho Department of Lands

Background: Mark received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in forestry and natural resource management from the University of Michigan and University of California at Berkeley. He has dedicated his entire 25+ year career to improving the management of our forested landscapes.

Personal: Mark has made his roots in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys exploring the woods, creeks, and coastlines. Mark especially looks forward to birding with his wife and spending time with his family and friends hiking, fishing, and camping.

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