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"As an environmental manager for the Port of Portland and a certified fisheries scientist I have been impressed with Cramer Fish Sciences' professionalism, ability to communicate and meet deadlines/contract obligations. I have found the company and its scientists to be responsive, professional, and able to communicate complex technical information in a language non-technical people could understand and assimilate."
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Jesse Wiesenfeld, M.S.


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Jesse Wiesenfeld, M.S., Bio-Technician Jesse Wiesenfeld brings a diverse set of skills in fisheries biology and population genetics to Cramer Fish Sciences. He divides his time between the field, office and the laboratory in West Sacramento, assisting senior and biological science staff with data collection, technical research, and analysis.

Projects: Since joining Cramer Fish Science, Jesse has conducted a variety of field studies in California's Central Valley. His field experience includes: carcass and redd surveys, screw trapping, collecting environmental data, backpack electrofishing, PIT tagging, and beach seining. In the laboratory, Jesse has experience with DNA extraction, performing PCRs, stomach content analysis, otolith preparation, and macroinvertebrate identification. Jesse uses his background in population genetics to score microsatellite genotypes, manage large genetic datasets and assist with statistical and genetic analysis. He works collaboratively with CFS's GENIDAQS division to assess the impacts of water operations and drought on endangered delta smelt using genetic methods.

Background: Jesse earned his B.S. in Organismal Biology from Portland State University in 2010, and his M.S. in Natural Resources Fisheries from Humboldt State University in 2014. While at HSU, he taught an ichthyology lab instructing students on fish identification, and worked as the collection manager in the HSU Fish Museum. Before joining CFS, Jesse worked as a technician for multiple agencies across California, gaining experience in a variety of fisheries research techniques. Jesse's Masters Project focused on uncovering cryptic diversity in Klamath River speckled dace using genetic techniques. He has presented his Master's research at a number of conferences including the Cal-Neva Chapter of AFS and is currently preparing the manuscript for publication.

Personal: Jesse enjoys the outdoor activities that living in California provides: fishing, hiking, birding, snorkeling and camping. When he is not outdoors, his hobbies include: cooking, reading, playing board games and discovering new music and beer. He is also a fan of professional basketball, and his favorite team is the Portland Trail Blazers.

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